• Australia needs herd immunity

    Australia needs herd immunity

    The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine won’t deliver it

  • Are most PCR test results false positives?

    Are most PCR test results false positives?

    No. Look at this graph. Australia has largely suppressed COVID-19, but is still performing tens of thousands of tests per day (just over half a million in the last week). Despite this, the number of positive tests is close to zero. Well, that was an easy question to answer. But let’s take a closer look…

  • I’ve created a blog

    I’ve created a blog

    I’ve never been particularly interested in this sort of thing. Does the world really need more opinions? Maybe not. But people have suddenly become quite interested in mine, and many have found what I’ve had to say helpful. That’s a positive thing, and I’m happy to hear it. My words are out there on a…

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